Who is responsible for structural repairs?

The responsibility for structural repairs can vary from lot to lot depending on whether it was created under a ‘Building Format Plan’ or a ‘Standard Format Plan’. 

The Act states that under a Building Format Plan (previously known as Building Units Plan); it is the responsibility of the body corporate to ensure the lot is structurally sound.  Structures that require this maintenance include:

> Railings

> Balustrades

> Doors

> Windows

> Roofing

> Foundations

> Support foundations

The above is true even if the structures do not form part of the common property for the scheme.  Under a Standard Format Plan (previously known as Group Title Plan) the Act stipulates that the owners of the lot have responsibility for maintenance of structures, not the Body Corporate.

In more complex arrangements, a building can be created in stages and under two different plans.  Therefore one or more of the lots in a building can fall under the guidelines of a Standard Format Plan and the remaining lots may fall under the Building Format Plan.  In this case it is the responsibility of the Body Corporate and the lot owners to understand their individual responsibilities towards the repair and upkeep of their respective structures.

If you require further information on either type of plan or any questions about structural repairs, contact us at Alert Property Group.