What not to do when selling your home

For many it can be hard to say goodbye to your old property, especially if it’s somewhere you’ve had a long family history in. However once you have decided to sell you need to put aside the sentimental issues and focus on the transaction in a business-like manner.

Allow your agent to use their experience and expertise; allow potential buyers the space they need to get hooked and only intervene if necessary. Sellers that become involved during an open inspection, or being telling stories to potential buyers will turn most people off.

Even if your stories are tales are interesting, you need to remember that selling a property needs to have emotion removed, and it is your goal to be as objective as possible. Keep your distance and focus on getting into your new home.



When potential buyers walk into a property and it is dirty and poorly presented, it will usually end that sale lead immediately. Buyers will obviously be turned off if they’re inundated with dust, dirt or other rubbish. Make an effort to clean and present your home thoroughly and enlist the help of a professional cleaner if it’s required.  When cleaning focus on every little detail, even those areas you think no one would look at (and yes this includes the toilet as many people use the bathroom facilities during open inspections). When cleaning remember it’s something that is very hard to overdo when its related to selling.



Setting up your property for sale can involve creating an inviting smell. But first and foremost you should prioritise getting rid of the unappealing ones. At the peak of the most unwanted list are pet smells. Even though we are intimately involved with our pets, we don’t really want to smell other people’s, especially when it’s in an environment we’re trying to imagine our future in.  Some other common bad smells that rate poorly are cigarette smoke, mustiness, food and overpowering perfumes or incense.



Declutter  your home as part of your cleaning process, starting with those areas that will interest the majority of buyers when they inspect your home, and the areas that have the highest traffic. A cluttered family room is less acceptable than a cluttered attic.

Getting a professional organiser or decorator in to help you out can reap dividends, especially if you’re overwhelmed with all the other issues involved in selling your home


No price

Atop the list of buyer frustrations include looking at an advertised property with no price tag. It’s a big complaint from online users if agents haven’t included at least some indication of the cost.

You have to remember that your online listing is usually the first time your possible buyer will have contact with your advertisement. If the required detail that they’re seeking isn’t available, then they will skip to the next listing very quickly.

Budget is one of the key search concerns that are important for a buyer. Sometimes an exact figure cannot be displayed for a myriad of reasons, but a ball park figure will generate more interest.


Summing up, the above hand-picked items can and will contribute greatly to the sales system that your agent has developed for your property.  Keep this in mind and work with your agent to get the best possible outcome for your home.


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