What Easy Agent Means to Me

I created Easy Agent around my core values: transparency, honesty, integrity, trust, loyalty. These values guide me in the way I think, believe and live. They direct me in the choices I make each day. And, they underpin everything we do at Easy Agent. 


I think great achievements come about as a result of hard work, determination, sweat and tears. I learned this as a youngster competing at a national level in sport and I’ve carried this understanding with me throughout my life ever since. My strong work ethic propelled me to complete my engineering degree and to carve out a successful 22-year career in real estate. In fact, I believe the effort and reward paradigm is no better exemplified than in real estate! 


The culture at Easy Agent strives to create genuine happiness through a supportive and trusting environment. I believe the true integration of business into everyday life can be achieved through the approach of the eightfold path:


Right understanding

Right intent

Right speech

Right action

Right livelihood

Right effort

Right mindfulness

Right concentration


These are the values and principles at the heart of Easy Agent. This is what Easy Agent means to me.


Monty Van Dyk

CEO and Founder


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About the author
Monty Van Dyk is founder and CEO of Easy Agent and Lead Funnels Australia, headquartered on the Gold Coast, Queensland with agents in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Under Monty’s guidance and leadership, the team has sold thousands of homes in the past 18 years, performing exceptionally regardless of changing market conditions.
Before moving into real estate in 2002, Monty was a mechanical engineer for ten years. He credits the success of Easy Agent to the culture of learning and growth. His commitment to innovation has placed him in the top agent mastermind of real estate in Australia.
When he is not coaching or speaking, Monty is enjoying time with his family, playing music or training for his next IRONMAN triathlon. He is originally from Cairns, Queensland.