The most common items to check before buying your home

Are you buying a home soon? The place where you set down roots should be a respite from the world. It should be calm, relaxing, stress-free, and exciting.  Here is a list of forgotten features to explore before you take the plunge:


1. Visit the would be home at several times of day. Things appear differently from a different light and perspective. Suddenly, those oak cabinets are peach-coloured and replacing them is a potential expense you didn't know you had.


2. Is the home technologically friendly? 

How annoying would it be if you didn't have cell or data reception in your own home? Some communities still don't have access to fast home internet services. Older homes may have limited wiring. If you have gadgets, make sure you'll be able to use them.


3. Turn on the shower, and flush the toilets. 

Low water pressure could be a deal breaker, and loud pipes in bedroom walls could keep you up at night.


4. Explore the neighbourhood.

Go for a drive or take the dog for a walk. If you feel uncomfortable - it's not the place for you.


5. Do your research.

Are you in a flood zone or bordering national protected zones? Check the property and area for anything that could end up costing more than anticipated.


6.  Don't let the little things deter you.

Perhaps you don't like the internal roof colour.  Is the shade of wood in the kitchen looking dated? Is the paint colour questionable?  Focus on the bones of the house and the location, everything else can be changed.


7. Look into community events.

If you live next door to a park that holds week long festivals every year, you'd better enjoy the music or the location could get stale sooner than your predicted future plans.  In contrast, if your community doesn't have access to activities you enjoy, it could bore you into moving before your time.


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