Successful Real Estate Agents Know: Communication Is Key

Successful Real Estate Agents Know: Communication Is Key

The good news is that, like a smile, communication has the potential to make all the difference. As a real estate agent, we simply cannot overdo it. Plus, with today’s technological advantages (of course, there’s a phone in everybody’s pocket), communication is essentially free.

So why are so many agents stingy about communicating? Our clients’ and potential clients’ expectations are high. Before, during and after a transaction, there’s no one thing more critical than communication. Frankly, it’s impossible to overdo it.

Communication Is Critical

So what is my secret to increased customer satisfaction? How is my business doing with just 100% referrals? And how did I get my five-star reviews? The answer is my multiple forms of client communication.

Before, during and after a transaction, critical to my success as an agent is communication with my client. I have my client involved in one of the most significant financial commitments of their lifetime. I am in the ideal position, of course, having been through the home buying or selling process previously, to share what I know. The moment my client is left wondering about any detail, I leave the door open to a change of heart that can materially impact my business.

I must be proactive. Reach out. Provide updates, and don’t wait to be asked — because that will mean I have waited too long.

Communication Must Be Proactive

As the founder of a national real estate agency, I’m always seeking out the best residential real estate agents and spotting potential among rising stars. I talk to successful agents all day, every day. Everywhere across the country, attending industry seminars, training and networking events, it’s no surprise that I hear this one word more than any other: communication. Learning about ways we can all improve on communication is part of every agenda and a component of key takeaways from every industry event out there.

As the real estate agent, it's important that I reach out first. Every tiny step in the buying and selling process is an opportunity for a touch point, and every time I do that, my customer satisfaction rating goes up a notch.

It makes such a difference when the agent is the one who reaches out first because otherwise the client may be left thinking, “What are they doing to earn that commission?” Isn't it much safer and far wiser to avoid that negativity before it sets in?

Who’s The Boss?

Let’s reduce the relationship right down to brass tacks. To be a real estate agent is to provide a service — a service for which there’s abundant competition. You are the service provider, and your seller is the client. Any agent that struggles with this concept is clearly in the wrong job.

This essential truth of the relationship remains unchanged throughout every step of the process. Things move fast and change even faster. To be clear, I mean that you should provide communication at every significant step, even for things you believe have been previously discussed:

• Before, during and after you have the listing: Express your appreciation for the business. Provide all your contact details. Discuss staging.

• Whenever you have some new information: Discuss open house details. Share information about a potential buyer.

• Before you close the sale contract: How is the deposit amount determined? Which trust account does the deposit sit?

• Before settlement: When is the final inspection? Explain settlement costs and what to expect on settlement day.

• After the sale settles: When should they contact utilities? When can cleaners and movers arrive? Is a locksmith required?

Timing Is Everything

Could all this mean communicating every day? Yes. Could this be several times on the same day? Of course. Can this be a text, a phone call, an email? Sure. My automated SMS platform performs extremely well, with so many clients preferring this over phone calls, as I include multiple parties in the same communication on our Vendor Forum.

Client communication comes down to a simple directive and attitude: To borrow a phrase from one of the world’s most successful brands, “Just do it.”

Onwards and Upwards


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