Residential selling points


According to a recent survey, home buyers and renters value a good neighbourhood above any other property feature.

The results revealed that approximately 70 per cent of respondents made the neighbourhood selection above all else.

This and the other responses are generally consistent with what professional valuers consider to be the property features which add most value to a home.

Here is a list of the remaining top five:


1) Kitchen

A quality, functional and spacious kitchen with modern draws and cupboards, benchtops and appliances is an increasing priority for home buyers.


2) Bathrooms

The market places additional value on a second bathroom and toilet or ensuites very highly due to the convenience and privacy they offer.


3) Parking

The closer you get to the city and the more difficult it is to park then it can add a significant number to your final price.


4) Entertainment area

Entertainment areas can come in a variety of guises, from simple barbecues to patios with high ceiling fans. It can be a considerable selling point.


5) Bedrooms

Contrary to belief, many homes today are occupied only by one or two people. Regardless of this smaller household size the desire for larger homes remains strong and the market tends to place higher values on four bedroom houses and three bedroom apartments. Extra bedrooms offer flexible lifestyle options such as a home office or guest room.


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