Online Real Estate is the future


When you come across a real estate advertisement online that matches your requirement but with only phone number indicated, will you call the number without giving it a second thought? Have you ever experienced a client whom you haven’t met personally that will send you large sums of money to pay for the house he is buying? What about a unit owner you only talked over the phone to entrust the keys to her unit? Or simply buy that lot without them having seen the actual site?

Traditionally, when trying to establish our business in the market, we would join real estate associations, sponsor and assist local communities and advertise through standard networks.  This would allow us to gain networks, find referrals and bring business to the company. This is one way but we are limited within our community and friends. So how do buyers from further afield get to know and trust us?

Nowadays when the internet has become the primary means of communication for many it is very important for us in the real estate industry to be credible both online and offline.  How do we then establish our credibility online? How can we show to strangers looking to buy their dream homes to trust us with their hard earned money that we will give them the best value for their money? How will the public choose us among thousands of agents and brokers online where some placing advertisements are not even licensed?

Buyers and sellers are now more educated than ever and most are already doing background checks before hire anyone to help them sell their homes or enquire from listings. Even with the information they gathered from the internet, they will call to meet and talk personally before they entrust a company to sell their property. These kinds of buyers or sellers who take time to know the realtor are the best type of clients.

To be credible online, you must have a website that looks professional. Your important business information should be there and your profile picture should also be accessible so people know they are dealing with a real experienced agent.  At Alert Property Group you can be assured of this, with our staff having many years’ experience.

The future of real estate is through the streamlined and professional addition of ‘online’ only agencies such as Alert Property Group.  Some of the advantages of this type of agency are:

  • bringing together professional agents with no suburb borders
  • minimising of costs by not having as great a physical presence
  • and a forward thinking approach

To be a part of this revolution, contact Alert Property Group today.