Modern approach to selling real estate


The world is continually changing and this requires adaptation to old methods and development of new or improved business models.

In the past Real Estate marketing was much simpler, you could place an ad in the newspaper with a reputable agent and it was all that was really required. In some cases a lot of advertisements in the press are still like that. You prepare an advert, publish it and then forget about it. The vendor has something to see for their money and is hoping that something comes out of it, and the agent waits for potential buyers to contact him/her to discuss the property.

The potential is in modifying the whole exercise of the marketing with the Buyer Persona in mind  This way the agent's plan is set up to search out and not necessarily just be waiting for the potential buyer to come to them. So you have an action plan to search out this group of people and make certain they are aware of this fantastic home that is now on the market. This way one starts to think where will I find these suitable candidates?

Too often, industries become too set in their ways, and sometimes it needs some free thinking.


A large proportion of buyers are heavily into Social Media

So the main focus should be through the internet, this is where people get their information, news and socialise. There are so many opportunities available such as creating Pages in Facebook or Google + for this particular property and then write a story on the property and promote throughout the Social Media sites to attract your Buyer. Most sites are now allowing you to broadcast to certain demographic groups or place advertisements.

It is important to keep in mind, that all the things that happens or is happening in their lives are trigger points to their attention. So the Persona is a great way of creating headlines, or topics for blogs, for it will grab their attention, and that is the whole purpose. There is so much information coming at us all today, that we want to ensure we get through our personas filter system and not get our important message discarded. We are after connection, so we must ensure we understand the lives and the needs of the people we are searching out for.

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