It's Never Too Late to Start Your Own Real Estate Business

It’s Never Too Late to Start Your Own Real Estate Business – 8 Reasons Why



How nice would it be not having to go to work everyday? Yes I say this tongue in cheek of course, as we go to work because we love what we do, right?
What I really mean is how good would it be to work for yourself, and I mean truly work for yourself. Not just work from home for someone else but actually have the power to choose your own work hours, make your own decisions about how you want to run your business, a business that can thrive and fit with your core values and beliefs. That’s what we are talking about at Easy Agent.
You have always dreamt of owning your own agency but didn’t want to spend the horrendous amount to set up a traditional office and other issues where holding you back. Not anymore! Now you can run your own business without the cost and hassles of a traditional shop front, let Easy Agent take care of all the difficult bits and let you do what you do well, list and sell.  

At Easy Agent we encourage all agents to view their real estate activity as their own business. Here are 8 reasons you would make a better real estate business operator now than you would have when you were younger.

1. You have life experience.

The most obvious and undeniable benefit of starting a business later in life is the fact that you now have years of life experience to draw from in your new real estate career. You are seasoned in the ways of the world, and you have a level of business acumen that you didn't have in your 20s.

2. You know more people (and they know people who know people).

Today you have likely built a large and diverse network of peers and colleagues. And because a new career often requires a community to thrive, your connections will be invaluable as you get started. Think about all of the experts you have met in your life that could share their advice and networks to help you in your new venture. This depth of a thriving network often takes years to build, so age is certainly an asset in this situation.

3. You know how to set and achieve goals.

Goal setting is an integral part of starting and running a business and is necessary on a consistent basis during the life of the business. In our younger years, we don't always understand the power of smart goal-setting for getting from one place in life to another. As a seasoned goal-setter, the process of outlining a desired outcome, as well as the actions you will take to make that outcome a reality, will come as second nature.

4. You may have an advantage with other agents.

While young real estate agents tend to hit the ground with all guns blazing and seem to be in a mad rush to get somewhere quickly, it can be argued that as a mature agent you offer better chances of success because of what you bring to the table. People like to build solid relationships with experienced, seasoned agents that have  "been there, done that."

5. You know what you're passionate about.

Many young real estate agents know they want to start an agency of some kind, but they may not know exactly how they want to do it. This is because they haven't had enough time to develop a mindset of what they are truly passionate about.  "Passion is one of the most effective motivators when it comes to launching a business—and often one of the strongest predictors of whether an idea will lead to success."

6. You have knowledge that is valued in today's industry.

In recent years, there has been an economic shift from industrial to knowledge-based, which means most of us have the opportunity to continue working well past the traditional retirement age. In fact, age makes us more valuable as professionals because it often means we bring more skills and knowledge to the table.

7. You are financially secure.

Starting to work on commission only basis when you're young means you will probably be juggling the cost of business ownership along with the rest of life's major investments many of us face: mortgage payments, children's expenses (childcare, education, sports, vacations), healthcare, insurance, car payments etc. While the expenses never really go away, the older you get, the more likely you are to have paid off a significant percentage of the big stuff. This frees up cash to invest in your business. 

8. You are self-confident.

You know all of our life failures we never talk about? In addition to valuable lessons learned, these failures also create one more big benefit as soon as you are able to rebound—they boost your self-confidence and motivate you to do better. As a seasoned professional, you have already experienced both wins and defeats, and have emerged with a powerful confidence that will allow you to take the challenges of business ownership in stride and come out ahead.

You can read more about the benefits or working for yourself within the Easy Agent network by click this link here.




About the author
Monty Van Dyk is founder and CEO of Easy Agent and Lead Funnels Australia, headquartered on the Gold Coast, Queensland with agents in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Under Monty’s guidance and leadership, the team has sold thousands of homes in the past 18 years, performing exceptionally regardless of changing market conditions.
Before moving into real estate in 2002, Monty was a mechanical engineer for ten years. He credits the success of Easy Agent to the culture of learning and growth. His commitment to innovation has placed him in the top agent mastermind of real estate in Australia.
When he is not coaching or speaking, Monty is enjoying time with his family, playing music or training for his next IRONMAN triathlon. He is originally from Cairns, Queensland.