GUARANTEED Sale Price for our Vendors.

Why do we offer a Guaranteed sale price?

It is really important for us to keep our value and morale high at all times. It is often seen with too much competition in the market, most agents use a trick to 𝐎𝐕𝐄𝐑 𝐐𝐔𝐎𝐓𝐄 the Vendor/Homeowner to win their trust and listing but when you ask them, can they guarantee the price they are quoting? 9/10 will not give you a straight answer. But because Homeowners' emotions are attached to their property, so they happen to fall in this trap of achieving the highest quoted price and usually hesitate to ask the Agent how sure are they with the quoted price or what if it's not achieved?

We believe in telling potential sellers what they actually need to hear by quoting a Realistic price for their home with Facts and figures on the table. Our business model in itself is to have 4-5 listings at a time only so we can provide our Boutique services to all our vendors.

How do we offer a Guarantee for the sale price of your property (T&C's)?

Upon servicing the free market appraisal to our potential sellers, we give them a realistic figure based upon recent sales in the market as compared to their home which is a guaranteed sale price by us. In the scenario, Homeowner decides to go with us on the market, and if we are unable to achieve the quoted price (which usually don't happen as we put all our efforts in to achieve the quoted price), even a single dollar less than the quoted price we as an agent will take a hefty cut to our Commission which has to be mutually agreed between Agent and Vendor/Homeowner and has to be written in the agency authority while signing up at the listing presentation. This offer/amount to be disclosed only to the qualifying home sellers at the time of the listing presentation. This offer excludes any land sales at all times. The potential seller must not disclose this offer to any other agent in the market. This offer is only limited to Gary Singh From TG Family Real Estate not any other agent in the Easy Agent group unless mentioned on their own website or any other platform.


We Do What We Say and We Only Say What We Can Deliver!