Choosing the right agent


If you are buying or selling a home, it’s highly likely that you would prefer to use an experienced real estate agent rather than handling the process yourself. The right agent can be an invaluable ally that will not only support and guide you through the process; but they will use their immense industry knowledge and contacts to save you time and money. Here are some people you may consider consulting when searching for a real estate agent:

  • References from family is a good start
  • Friends and associates who've recently bought or sold a home may have recommendations
  • Your lawyer, banker, or insurance agent may have good quality contacts
  • Members of your sporting or other club can assist
  • Agents in nearby towns
  • Retired real estate agents

The above list basically boils down to recommendations from people you trust.  If the agent is worth their word, then there is no better recommendation than a testimonial.

Attend open houses and other real estate ventures. You'll meet multiple agents, in which you can introduce yourself and find out more about their style.  Chemistry and attitude is important, so if you get a good feeling then trust that feeling.

Another consideration is giving preference to agents who are flexible and have adopted the latest technology and cost cutting measures. At the very least you must ensure you hire an agent who does the job full-time.

Large real estate companies usually have more resources but can sometimes turn you into another number.  Boutique agencies may allow you more time with your agent and more preference with your property.

Find out about the company and agents strategies and procedures. Usually the more proactive the agent is the better. Don't just pick the agent who promises you the highest selling price: some agents make promises on which they can't deliver.

Try to avoid working with friends or family unless you're absolutely confident that your relationship is strong enough.

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