2018 Christmas Lights WINNERS!

THE winners of the Lockyer Valley Christmas Lights competition were announced on Friday at the Gatton Christmas Festival.

This year, more than 40 businesses and residential properties entered the hotly contested event.


Best Solar powered display

1) Forest School School of Arts

2) 43 Walnut Drive, Brightview

3) 9 Lakeview Drive, Gatton


Best Recycled Display

1) Anuha Tip Shop

2) 15 Numera Court, Adare

3) 6 Parkridge Drive, Withcott


Best Decorated/lit Business

1) Anuha Tip Shop

2) Laidley Florist

3) Natural Alternative


Best Novice

1) 344 Old Toowoomba Road, Placid Hills

2) 5 Karbul Crescent, Withcott

3) 5 Kilmister Court, Gatton


Best Decorated Home

1) 11 Lakeview Drive, Gatton

2) 15 Buaraba Street, Gatton

3) 87 Mt Sylvia Road, Tenthill


Best Community Group

1) Hatton Vale Community Uniting Church

2) Anuha Tip Shop

3) Forest School of Arts


Best Nativity Scene

1) Natural Alternative

2) 60 Parklea Drive, Placid Hills

3) Anuha Tip Shop


Be sure to check the next edition of the Gatton Star for plenty of Christmas light photos from our Lockyer Valley contestants.