State Licence In Detail


Thank you for your expression of interest to become one of our State Licencee

Please read the Description and details below. 



The appointment of a State Licencee is to develop the exposure of the Easy Agent brand within the Region, to build market position by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, and closing business relationships. The State Licencee will also be expected to develop and oversee both an affiliate recruitment team and the sales agent team. 




Remuneration and Costs

The development of this unique role is critical to the expansion and inevitable success of the company whilst providing the State Licnecee the opportunity for the creation of a sustainable and profitable business with strong passsive income. 
Easy Agent view this role in the highest regard thus the State Licnece rights will not be sold but rather leased to the successfull applicant.

The agent recruitment process will be supported with a personalised lead funnel and targeted audience social media marketing.


Included Costs

Upfront Licence Agreement purchase cost;   $ NIL

Monthly Licence Agreement Lease cost;   $2,125

Lead Funnel cost (rrp $1,889 pm);   inlcuded

Lead Funnel Ad Management (rrp $1,200 pm);   included

Lead Funnel Ad Daily Spend;   $ 20 per day min

Lead Funnel Ad Daily Spend matched by EA;   ($ 20 per day) *

*Easy Agent will match the daily Ad Spend from the Licencee



Payment is per agent joined and paid monthly

Per agent;   $ 120 per month


Profit Share

Easy Agent give back 10% profit share of the Admin Fee ($ 1,000) paid by the real estate agents on each settled contract, to each State Licencee



1. the provision to create an affiliate team for recruitment has been allowed.

The Affiliate monthly payment of $ 40 per agent/per month is included in the original 
agent payment of $ 120.  

2. the provision to introduce all new agents to the Easy Agent Mentor program 

3. the Lease cost can be accounted on an accrual credit/debit basis option
*refer to the example shown in Table 1

4. all prices shown do not inlcude GST

5. Licence Lease is on 3+3+3 term

6. The Licence Lease Agreement is to be read in conjuction with the Terms and Conditions


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