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Just like you, we only want others to enjoy the same benefits we all have with Easy Agent, so let's help them change their life and change the lives of those around them. With the Easy Agent Legacy Program you can help them on a journey to financial freedom.


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Refer agents and receive a new car!*


So how do you like the idea of buying a new car by just referring 9 agents? 

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I am sure you know 9 agents who would love to be doing what you are, right?


So here's the deal... refer 9 agents and buy yourself one of these**...

Here let's look at these numbers on a car loan today, based on a purchase price of $25,000

So this is a car loan calculator showing repayments of only $346.86 per month...


You're referal trail is paid at 16% of the monthly access fee rate which currently equals $40 per month per agent.


So with 9 referrals your monthly trail would be: 9 x $40 = $360 per month FOREVER*

*for the life of the agent is with Easy Agent
**car purchase used as an example only



Ready to make a difference? then let's go!


How do I join an agent?


We have made the process super easy for you, just follow these 5 simple steps:


1. Show them the benefits of how easy it is to run their Easy Agent real estate business;

2. Let them read more about the benefits online if needed at 

3. Help them join up with the Easy Agent Licence Agreement here

4. Make sure they have completed the process by setting up their monthly subscription payments online

5. You need to complete the New Agent Referral form so our team knows the referral came from you


That is it!

You must agree that it couldn't be any easier right?
We are really keen to help you spread the word and share the benefits of Easy Agent.

note: all payments are deposited directly into your nominated bank account

Together we can take something good and make it great!



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