The arrival of Easy Agent onto the real estate landscape can be likened to the emergence of the mythical Griffin soaring high above in fire red skys over trouble below, as the real estate industry faced the largest onslaught of disruption in the history of property.

Change happen quickly and unexpectedly and unfairly, leaving many agents questioning their future and testing their fortitude.

Having  recently also having experienced the swift arm of injustice (their is no justice in our legal system!), founder and CEO, Monty Van Dyk was and seeking symbols of fairness to give hope to his future after loosing millions through a bitter relationship seperation, and through this moment of reflection Easy Agent was born.

Born from a lifetime of business success and experience to present a truely fairer way for real estate agents and for the industry to move towards greater efficiencies and results. 
With strong obilgation to every real estate agent world wide, Easy Agent is now on the path of their global expansion to offer a better way, a fairer way and a smarter way for all property transactions.

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